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How to create a viral TikTok video for business?

With the right timing, TikTok's algorithm directly recommends companies' content to consumers. Miten yritys pystyy luoda viraalin TikTok-videon?

  • By following the trends

  • Using contemporary sounds

  • By creating quality content

  • By being "not an ad" (Note the GIF)

  • By scheduling a TikTok video post


Our new client's first video went viral. Successes feel really good, but achieving big numbers normally takes time🕚

This is a really transparent thing that we always want to tell the companies we work with. However, the fact that the video does not go viral is not a bad thing.

A poorly performing video shows the direction in which your company needs to focus. With the right process, you can turn your content viral. Learn from videos that have succeeded and failed so you can make your new TikTok videos go viral.

In the long term and closely following analytics,

you can clearly see which content has worked for the viewer. Create similar TikTok videos, but with new little twists.

Here are the various variables that affect the success of a TikTok video: 💬 Brand colors and message

⏱ How long is the viewer engaged with the video?

🛒 Your industry, and the competitiveness of it

👋🏼 Target group & size 🏄🏼‍♂️ Is your message demonstrated through trends?

💸 Your product/service

💡 Established KPIs, and optimization 🎧 Trending sounds 🤝 We deliver successful results for our clients through short-form content, whether it's in TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube.


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