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TikTok introduces 3 new advertising methods

Companies can now advertise on TikTok with three new advertising methods.

TikTok continues to strongly develop advertising formats to serve online stores. With new advertising methods, you can stop the consumer effectively with the For you section.

New TikTok advertising features include:

  • Shopping video ads

  • Product catalog ads

  • Real-time shopping ads

The goal is to give companies the opportunity to easily build interesting experiences for consumers that make buying products entertaining and exciting.

The new advertising formats are now available in the TikTok Ads manager. Companies can take advantage of new advertising features directly linked to their own online store.

Shopping video ads

With a shopping video ad, companies can highlight one or more products with the For you section. By tracking consumer purchase intent, TikTok optimizes ad delivery strategy and targeting to maximize the campaign.

With this form of advertising, you can take product sales to the next level and easily present your company's message to a wider audience.

When a user clicks on your ad, TikTok creates an in-app landing page for a great user experience. A landing site helps customers learn more about your products. When the customer is ready to buy, TikTok leads them directly to your company's website.

The previous collection ads and dynamic display ads are still available until the end of the year, after which they will change to improved features.

Product catalog ads

Product listing ads allow businesses to advertise products to a larger audience on TikTok. With advertising, you can expand the coverage beyond the For you section, such as to recommended products or products related to them. Product listing ads do not require video/video production. Product listing ads appear in branded content.

Tuoteluettelomainokset - TikTok-mainostus

With the help of advertisements, companies are able to reach a target group on TikTok without actual videos.

Instead of videos, with a product catalog ad, the consumer finds products from the company's product category that are presented to consumers in branded content.

Real-time shopping ads

Real-time shopping ads are designed to be advertised in people's lives.

This form of advertising helps to reach consumers directly from the For You section.

It is really beneficial to include influencers in the advertising format.

Reaaliaikaiset ostosmainokset - TikTok-mainonta

With the new features of TikTok, your company will be able to increase the number of visitors on the website enormously and increase additional sales. Real-time shopping ads allow businesses to make a big impact on the consumer and seamlessly lead them to purchase.

Want to start TikTok for your business or improve results?


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