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At VSCY, we understand the transformative power of AI in business. AI tools are not just marketing tools; they are key instruments that can bring revolutionary changes in all areas of business, such as supply chain management, customer service, product development and personnel management.


Whether you're looking for a simple site with basic features or something more complex with advanced functionality, we have the expertise to get it done quickly and efficiently

- all at competitive prices.

Our way of doing things

VSCY's AI team works with clients to determine business needs and create customized AI solutions to meet those needs. Whether it's an automated customer service bot, a predictive maintenance tool in industry, or HR analytics that identify the best candidates, our AI tools and strategies are designed to support business growth and competitive advantage.

With the help of artificial intelligence, we can move from a reactive to a proactive mode of operation, enabling companies to be one step ahead of the competition and respond to rapidly changing market conditions. No matter what part of the business process you are in, VSCY is ready to help you make the most of the potential of AI.


Patrik Sulonen, Chief Operations Officer

+358 44 262 0199

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