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We're looking
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We are looking for talented people who are genuine, dare to dream and want to succeed.

PPC specialist

Helsinki / Remote work

Information about the job description

As a PPC Specialist, you manage the planning and implementation of paid click campaigns. You know how to optimize and budget for maximum ROI on search engines and social media platforms. You develop studies, analyze improvement data and test different advertising copies and displays. Your work emphasizes an analytical way of thinking, constant learning about new digital advertising trends and the ability to adapt to rapidly changing market situations.


  • Deep understanding of search engine advertising and display advertising on different platforms.

  • Experience in managing advertising budgets and ROI analysis of campaigns.

  • Ability to perform keyword research and develop effective ad copies.

  • Strong analytics and data interpretation skills for campaign optimization.

  • Experience in A/B testing and conversion optimization.

  • Updated knowledge of digital advertising trends and best practices.

Sales specialist

Helsinki / Remote work

Information about the job description

you focus on building customer relationships, sales strategies and achieving results. The person is responsible for setting and achieving sales goals, presenting products and services to customers, and for after-sales customer service, ensuring customer satisfaction and long-term customer relationships.


  • Strong sales skills management and customer relationship expertise

  • Experience implementing B2B or B2C sales strategies

  • Excellent negotiation and persuasion skills

  • Ability to meet and exceed sales targets

  • Experience in using CRM tools and analyzing sales data

  • Excellent teamwork and networking skills

Social media 

Helsinki / Remote work

Information about the job description

The tasks include planning, implementation and a strong presence in social media, which guarantees high online traffic and customer participation. The ideal candidate is someone who stays up to date with the latest digital technologies and social media trends. He should be equipped with excellent communication skills and the ability to creatively express the company's visions.


  • Marketing automation

  • Google Ads

  • Creative & team player

  • LinkedIn

  • Meta

  • TikTok

  • Youtube

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Content producer

Helsinki / Remote work

Information about the job description

As a short video specialist, you are responsible for designing, shooting and editing attractive and trendy videos for social media platforms. You use your creativity and technical skills to create visually pleasing content that resonates with target audiences and supports marketing campaigns. You will analyze audience data to ensure content meets viewer expectations and promotes brand goals, working closely with the marketing team.


  • Creativity and innovation in the design and production of short videos
    Strong skills in video editing and post-production using industry standard software
    Experience in capitalizing on trends on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram

  • The ability to quickly and efficiently produce high-quality visual content

  • The ability to analyze the preferences of the target audience and adapt the content accordingly

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