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Effective tips for small business on TikTok marketing

How can you create effective marketing for your company with a small budget?

Ryanair uses trending memes to its advantage. FC Zenit uses its own players' "funny" mocks to its advantage, as well as trending movies. Zara shares 3D art from its clothes. Companies of all sizes and industries are leveraging TikTok as part of their marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and find new audiences to share their company's story.

Tehokkaat vinkit pienyritykselle TikTok-markkinointiin
Effective tips for small business on TikTok marketing

Content on TikTok is widely trending, funny personal stories and memes. Humor is a big factor in TikTok. Take advantage of it.

Now you will find effective tips to get started with TikTok marketing on a smaller budget. If you represent a larger company, you can use the same tips, but scale the result with a larger budget.


#1 Research and find the right hashtags


Research and find the right hashtags TikTok's algorithm recognizes the hashtag and focuses new viewers from that target group to your video.

By watching trending and well-known TikTok videos, you can understand what kind of content works and what doesn't. Focus on finding hashtags in videos that refer to your business and have gone viral on TikTok. Hashtags are a big influencer in TikTok's algorithm. Typing keywords into video titles and descriptions allows TikTok to start recommending the video to other viewers who have been interested in similar content. This is how you reach new consumers from the right target group. You can easily get started with these hashtags: #smallbiz #smallbusiness #entrepreuneurs

TikTok influencers

When influencers are the face of your company on TikTok, you can communicate your company's message to a loyal audience. TikTok influencers are bigger on the platform than regular TV celebrities.

A loyal following is built around TikTok influencers, which is reflected in your company's brand.

If you are looking for a suitable TikTok influencer, we can implement one-off campaigns or longer ones for your company. We are professionals in finding the right influencers who can communicate your company's message, tell your company's story and communicate the most important campaigns to viewers.

With our help, your company is always at the front of trend waves in producing content.

VSCY— We create trending content that generates strong results. We are at the top of Finland in TikTok marketing. If you are about to jump into TikTok, ask us for a free consultation.

What are your business goals for TikTok?

Any video can suddenly go viral, even the one you least expected. This is why it is important that every video has some kind of activation. Activation can be, for example: hidden advertising of a product or service, following your TikTok channel, sharing a video or something similar.

There are many successful stories on TikTok where companies have raised their brand awareness to millions organically. No social media platform can currently compete with TikTok for the extent of views.

However, don't confuse views with engagement. Many companies on TikTok have bought visibility for their ad, but still the engagement with the videos has been very poor.

Here's a good rule of thumb:

Your TikTok video should have at least 1 like per 10 viewers. Bad campaign:

  • 400,000 impressions



  • 0 Sharing

Such a result is not good at all, but still some companies consider this to be a positive result. On the TikTok platform, it is really important to adapt your content and message to different target groups, so that it resonates with users.

A good campaign:

  • 400,000 impressions



  • 40 divisions

If you're starting from scratch, using influencers makes sense. TikTok influencers have grown a loyal following around them, which you can use in your videos.

When the consumer sees a familiar face, he is more likely to watch the end of the video. This has a positive effect on TikTok's algorithm, thanks to which your video is recommended to a larger audience.

What is your competition doing on TikTok?

If your direct competitors are making new content every day on Tiktok and their statistics are positive, then they have found the right audience for their content.

Analyze your competitors and closely monitor their videos that have done well to gather important data.

Under no circumstances do we recommend stealing content. Still, it's really important to study what your competitors are doing well and take inspiration to get started on the TikTok platform more easily. Consider the following:

  • What is their message?

  • How long is their video?

  • How do they present their ideas?

  • How often do they advertise their products?

  • How often do they jump on board with new trends?

The benefits of TikTok for businesses

TikTok is still a really new platform. Your company can take advantage of its pioneering position. Stand out from the competition as a pioneer and reach new consumers from your target group.

  • Increase in brand awareness

  • Engagement of the target group

  • Increasing website traffic

  • Less competition as a pioneer

  • Organic traffic

  • A wider target group

  • Increasing conversion

VSCY— We create trending content that generates strong results. We are at the top of Finland in TikTok marketing. If you are about to jump into TikTok, ask us for a free consultation.


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