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Social media trends 2023 (Short summary)

A lot has happened during the past year. Different social media platforms fight more and more with each other and copy each other's innovation. In this article, we give an indication of what the trends of the coming year will contain on different platforms.

Sosiaalisen median trendit 2023
Sosiaalisen median trendit 2023



Facebook trends 2023

Avatars Meta announced in 2022 that they are investing the company's future around the Metaverse. One of the main features of Metaverse is avatars and digital clothing.

Bringing Metaverse to consumers' awareness is a long process that we hardly see flourishing in 2023.

User avatars will still become more common on Meta's platforms in the coming year.

Meta has already made strategic partnerships to sell digital clothes together with Balenciaga and Prada.

Facebook trendit 2023
Avatars will become common in Meta in 2023

Creating a connection between the brand and the consumer Meta aims to help brands create a better connection with consumers.

This is achieved by focusing new features on the DM side.

Click-To-Message ads have grown handsomely in Whatsapp and Messenger.

During the coming year, Meta will release new DM features and advertising options that brands can use to engage customers around them.

DM features are a relatively new way of communicating with the consumer, so you will only be able to clearly see its effectiveness next year. It is still undeniably currently one of the more direct ways to communicate to the consumer.

Instagram trends 2023

Besides avatars and digital clothes, what else is in store? New content formats We can expect that it will soon be possible to publish AR & 3D posts on the platform.

This allows more creative content to be created.

Instagram trendit 2023
Instagram trends 2023

Investing in live streams

Instagram also plans to enable its users to make purchases through live broadcasts.

Live broadcasts work in the same way as in TikTok. With a few clicks, the user can buy the product from the live broadcast. This feature is strongly featured on competitors' platforms.

Snapchat trends 2023

Snapchat is known to be a platform conquered by generation Z.

The challenge that Snapchat is trying to solve in the coming year is attracting an older audience to its platform.

AR + Avatar

Snapchat is bringing AR glasses to consumers, with which you can see graphics created by companies and consumers. With the glasses, you can see, for example, user avatars and digital clothes purchased for avatars.

Snapchat has created strong partnerships in the clothing industry around them, which allow them to offer their users the opportunity to personalize and customize their user with various futuristic clothes.

Snapchat trends 2023

YouTube trends 2023

YouTube Shorts YouTube has lost a significant portion of content creators to TikTok.

For this reason, YouTube started in 2022 to make content creators aware of their YouTube Shorts platform, where you can also publish short videos.

In a competitive setting, a smart content producer/company has an advantage.

Youtube pushes short videos to a larger mass on purpose, in order to make their platform more interesting for content producers. For this reason, posting videos to both TikTok and YouTube Shorts can almost double your visibility.

For the coming year, YouTube has taken a competitive advantage by paying content producers more for ads than TikTok.

Youtube trends 2023

TikTok trends 2023

Buying products on live

A feature possibly coming to Europe that has been in use for a long time in China.

The feature is one of the biggest sources of revenue for Byte Dance, so it would be a no-brainer to release the same feature in Europe. How does the feature work? An influencer or content producer can sell products live.

The influencer advertises a button in the live broadcast, from which the viewer can go directly to Ländar to get to know the product & make the purchase.

TikTok trends 2023


  • Avatars and digital clothes will be heavily promoted on Meta's platforms.

  • Shopping in live broadcasts (TikTok, Meta) will serve as a new sales channel for B2C companies

  • You can take advantage of the power struggle between TikTok and YouTube by creating content for both platforms

  • Snapchat aims to bring avatars and digital clothes to consumers


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