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Finland's Z generation is strongly featured on TikTok!

How does Generation Z behave on TikTok?

TikTok has become the undisputed number one in applications. Generation Z (Gen Z) is just one of many groups among the colorful and vast TikTok crowd. They have grown up in the midst of numerous digital reforms. In this article, we'll take a closer look at Generation Z on TikTok and their behavior on the platform.

TikTok-markkinointi Suomessa

What inspires Gen Z on TikTok?

TikTok-markkinointi Suomi

According to the study, joy, happiness and creativity are the three most powerful emotions among Gen Z users on TikTok.

When used correctly, joyful and happy emotions can help brands build positive and lasting emotional connections with Gen Z through TikTok.

Generation Z sees TikTok as a platform where they can showcase their creative side. For this reason, brands must present themselves creatively and create content that is trending. With this, the brand gets a positive reception for the Z generation.

Generation Z shares TikTok content with their friends

Generation Z TikTok users actively share content with their friends. The user must identify with the content in order to share it with a friend.

Users tend to participate in popular trends and share this content on other social media. Users have a lower threshold to create and publish videos, compared to other platforms.

A platform for a new generation of thinking

Generation Z is moving strongly into working life and for this reason they have purchasing power.

Their consumption habits take place strongly with the help of phones, and their habits are significantly different from those of the older generation.

(Users are more likely to look for brands and product inspiration on digital platforms.)

Gen Z users are more likely to discover new brands and products on the TikTok platform. They are also more likely to produce instructional videos about the products they have purchased.

Engaging Gen Z on TikTok

Generation Z as a community is unique, especially on TikTok.

They engage and stay active on posts from brands they can identify with. In posts, it is important to be able to communicate in the language of Generation Z users. In content production, you always have to think about what kind of content resonates with the best target group.

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